So it’s been a couple days, I started working again yesterday which really helped because I only had a little snack during work so I wouldn’t get dizzy. My boyfriend decided to experiment and try bars [xanax] which he will never be doing again, it makes him a terrible person and he already is pushing it with his health so I was worried out of my mind the last few days, but plus side is it helped me not eat. SO I went from 163 to 159.6. I’m finally out of the 160’s! Just 4.6 more pounds till I reach my first goal. On a side note, It’s great to reward yourself with your progress, BUT DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE TO REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD. It never goes the way you plan and you just end up messing everything up. Instead have an energy drink or a regular soda or a nice coffee.

On a downside we’re not supposed to smoke in the parking lot at work (or anywhere near the building) which sucks because my car is all the way at the back of the parking lot and it takes too long to get there during my 15 min break. So I can only smoke during lunch and you can just imagine what that does to my nerves. Anyway, reward your progress with activities or objects or a drink, not food.



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